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Welcome to Vulvapedia!

Vulvapedia is a wiki maintained by the VP Team and select VPers.


What kinds of stuff can I find here?

You'll find new and improved versions of VP's Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions--a great starting point for learning about things like yeast infections, urinary tract infections, lube, menstrual products, hormonal birth control, and so much more! We also plan to include basic entries on other topics of interest to the community. Just enter key words into the top search bar to the left and voila!

Additionally, feel free to email us if there is a topic about which you'd like to see a Vulvapedia entry.

What happened to the Articles and Archives from the old Web site?

For ease of use, the Articles and Archives from the old site have now been merged into the Vulvapedia, so everything you were used to is still here, it's just had a makeover. We wanted to establish one easy place for people to find the information they need, and we hope this will improve your overall VP visit.

Index of topics

You can always use the "Search Vulvapedia" box under the main menu on any page to find Vulvapedia entries, but here is an alphabetically ordered list of our current articles for your browsing pleasure:

Current Vulvapedia Topics:

Topics in Queue for Vulvapedification:
  • Breast Exams (DIY)
  • Discharge and Smells
  • HIV

Would you like to suggest a topic or give us some feedback on existing entries? Leave your comments here, or drop us a line!

Who can contribute to the Vulvapedia?

Anyone can help us stay up to date on current articles! Drop by here if you'd like to give us some input on existing entries.

However, because we care so much about making sure the information we give out is as reliable as possible, only select VPers who go through an application process have access to editing the Vulvapedia pages. So far, the editing team consists only of the VP Team and a small handful of trusted associates. If you'd like to apply for editing privileges, please send us an email.

Is this medical advice?

Vulvapedia, just like the rest of VP, is meant to give people a way to network and get support, ideas and resources. It is not in any way meant to be substituted for medical advice/care. It is generally a good idea to see your doctor when anything abnormal occurs. We recognize that doctors don't always listen so well, that they're not always open to natural medicine, or that not everyone has access to medical care; that's why we're here. Please, PLEASE, seek medical attention for serious problems. Use Vulvapedia and all of VP's resources at your own risk/empowerment!

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